Email Security Posture Management

Discover and mitigate misconfiguration risks across your cloud email environment.
Email Security Posture Management

The open, interconnected nature of cloud email platforms can inadvertently create new entry points for attackers to exploit and manipulate–bypassing MFA, exploiting third-party app integrations, and escalating account privileges. Security teams often have limited visibility into their current posture, and with hundreds of thousands of potential configurations across users, third-party applications, and email tenants, it is operationally difficult to monitor them and act when changes occur.

Email Security Posture Management cuts through the complexity.

  • Provides a simple workflow to acknowledge and address configuration changes.
  • Dynamically monitors for configuration drift, alerting you to administrator role changes, conditional access policy exceptions, and other potentially high-risk events.
  • Provides ongoing insight into applications integrated into Microsoft 365 including information about app permissions and data access.
  • Detects changes to user privileges and administrative role assignments to help identify and minimize the risk surface area.


Number of days to identify a breach caused by cloud misconfiguration.


Average cost of a breach tied to a misconfiguration.


Portion of breaches in 2022 caused by misconfiguration.

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