Abuse Mailbox Automation

Automatically triage and remediate user-reported phishing emails.
Abuse Mailbox Automation

Traditional approaches to managing user-reported phishing emails are highly manual, lack intelligence, and provide limited context. As a result, IT teams and security analysts waste time in a cumbersome and inefficient workflow, missing higher-impact attacks.

Abuse Mailbox Automation automates the user-reported email process.

  • Automatically triages and remediates user-reported emails and marks them as malicious, spam, or safe.
  • Intelligently locates and removes other unreported emails within the same phishing campaign.
  • Enhances visibility into each reported email submission to see the full attack context for each campaign and email.
  • Closes the communication loop by automatically sending a follow-up email to inform reporters of the submission outcome and remediation action.
  • Integrates with existing end-user phishing reporting buttons, SIEM/SOAR solutions, and ticketing system workflows to enable centralized alerts for SOC analysts.

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