Email Productivity Features

People are overwhelmed by distracting promotional emails. Make your employees and executives more productive with an intelligent, adaptive approach to controlling graymail with the Email Productivity add-on to Abnormal Inbound Email Security.

Productivity Reporting

It is crucial that IT and SOC teams understand email productivity and graymail trends to both quantify the success of messaging technologies on the IT side and analyze whether an uptick in non-useful graymail could signify elevated risk of business email compromise (BEC). Email Productivity provides granular reporting and insights directly within the Abnormal portal.

Detection and Remediation

Abnormal Email Productivity drastically increases employee communication productivity through adaptive graymail detection and categorical remediation. Email Productivity automatically identifies promotional emails, determines whether an email is useful based on historical user behavior, and sorts these graymail messages into an Abnormal-provided Promotions folder.

End User Personalization

Abnormal helps eliminate time spent manually filtering messages while still ensuring critical third-party vendors and contacts are not relegated to the spam pile. Email Productivity will automatically add a sender to the known safelist or blocklist when an email is moved from Promotions to the inbox or from the Inbox to Promotions.


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