Abuse Mailbox Automation Features


Abuse mailbox programs are a great way to drive security awareness, but they can become overwhelming for security teams to manage.

Completely automate your user-reported email workflow and free up analyst time with the Abuse Mailbox Automation add-on to Abnormal Inbound Email Security.

Abuse Mailbox

Campaign Remediation

Abnormal’s abuse campaign remediation automatically inspects and judges phishing reports as either malicious, safe, or spam. If an email is found malicious, Abuse Mailbox Automation locates and removes other unreported emails within the same phishing campaign, grouped by similar sender display name and email subject.

Customizable End-user Notifications

With 90% of reported emails safe, managing user-reported phishing emails can be a full-time job in some organizations. Keeping reporters of phishing emails informed about whether their reported email campaign was safe, spam, or malicious encourages a vigilant cybersecurity culture in your organization.

Abuse Mailbox Automation’s customizable automated email follow-ups allow security teams to automate most of their responses in a personalized fashion within minutes of a phishing report. Closing the communication loop quickly further encourages end-users to keep reporting suspicious messages.

Mailbox Reporting

In your dashboard, abuse mailbox reporting provides visibility into trends around phishing reporting, attack types remediated, and top phishing reporters in your organization. At the campaign level, abuse mailbox reporting shows all your phishing reports in one customizable centralized management pane.

Abuse Mailbox Automation also provides the ability to export the phishing report log on a message-by-message basis in raw data format.

Mailbox TAP Integration

Connecting with other tools to streamline reporting across your technology stack is important. Abuse Mailbox Automation integrates with Proofpoint TAP alerts as an additional attack ingestion source to triage with Abnormal’s Abuse Mailbox Automation.

Reporting Button Integration

End-user phishing reporting buttons are ubiquitous in email clients. Abuse Mailbox Automation integrates with multiple email client phishing buttons, including the Microsoft 365 Report Phishing Button, the Phishing Button in Gmail clients, and Cofense’s PhishMe button.


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