Abuse Mailbox End-User Notification Enhancements - Abnormal Security

Abuse Mailbox End-User Notification Enhancements

Abnormal Abuse Mailbox supports the ability to send end-user notifications to users who have reported suspicious messages. These are relevant notifications to end-users based on whether the reported messages have been deemed Safe, Malicious, or Spam – thus providing immediate feedback to end-users. Users always appreciate receiving immediate feedback re-affirming and encouraging their excellent email hygiene and safe behavior! Furthermore, this whole process is automated which means no SOC analyst involvement at all.

A nagging problem that users face when reporting suspicious emails is that, once the message is reported, it is typically removed from the inbox. What if the user wanted to engage with the email if it is indeed safe? Abnormal Abuse Mailbox can now attach original reported messages as .eml attachments in end user auto-response notifications (for safe messages). This way, when a reported message is designated as safe, end-users are able to interact with the original email directly from the end-user notification, should they so desire.