SOC Platform for Email Response

Save time and provide better protection for employees through automation and tools built on top of cloud APIs.

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Automate security operations to more quickly and effectively triage, investigate and respond to attacks.

Abnormal Security provides a SOC platform for email on top of Microsoft & Google APIs to automate common tasks and improve the effectiveness of security operations.

Abnormal Security augments security operation teams with automation and tools so they can respond quickly and proactively protect the organization.

Abnormal Security’s SOC Email Response Platform:

  • Triage employee reported emails
  • Investigate and respond to compromised accounts
  • Bulk remediate attacks across the entire tenant

Product Capabilities

Abnormal Security provides everything you need for comprehensive email protection, detection and response.

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Centralized Visibility for Incident Response

Abnormal Security is a smart-overlay to cloud email platform APIs, which provides a people-centric view of emails, events and activity to empower security operations


Triage Employee Reported Emails

Abnormal automatically monitors your abuse mailbox for emails reported by employees, groups them into campaigns, and filters out incorrectly reported emails (safe emails) to help security teams respond to real attacks faster.


Bulk Remediation Across Tenant

Based on a single malicious email, automatically uncover similar malicious emails and bulk remediate them across all users email boxes in a single click.


Contextual Awareness Banners

Protect and educate employees by dynamically injecting email banners that provide contextual warnings only when the message is suspicious to help employees make better judgements about if/how to respond.


Attack Classification & Trends

Abnormal automatically assigns detailed classification of each email threat providing a comprehensive view of attack patterns and trends.