Email Account Compromise Detection

Save time and provide better protection for employees through automation and tools built on top of cloud APIs.

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Automatically uncover, investigate and respond to internal & external email account compromise

Abnormal Security looks beyond email and analyzes hundreds of signals to accurately detect compromised email accounts

Abnormal Security protects organizations from the full range of targeted email attacks by combining data science technologies with the unique visibility and data provided by a cloud-native API architecture.

Abnormal Security’s Email Account Compromise Detection:

  • Analyzes internal email traffic
  • Leverages unique data and technology to detect compromises
  • Automatically blocks attacks from compromised accounts
  • Provides robust reporting, analytics and insights of email attacks

Product Capabilities

Abnormal Security provides everything you need for comprehensive email protection, detection and response.

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Data science that you can see


High Accuracy Alerts

Multidimensional analysis from multiple telemetry sources enables Abnormal to make sure every alert is worth investigating so you spend less time chasing false positives.


Comprehensive Visibility & Analysis

Abnormal automatically uncovers and connects all relevant events across data sources to provide comprehensive visibility into account compromises.


Abnormal Behavior Detection

Automatically identify suspicious behaviors and contrast them to historic patterns to make investigations faster and easier.


Granular Forensics

Abnormal analyzes data across email correspondence, login / authentication activity, client behaviors, etc to identify suspicious activity that indicates a potential account compromise.


Internal Email Monitoring

Abnormal monitors internal email communications for phishing emails or social engineering attempts and correlates email patterns with suspicious account activity.


Automatic Attack Correlation

Abnormal automatically correlates accounts with similar patterns of suspicious behavior to enable timely and comprehensive remediation of multi-account compromise.