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Learn more about how Abnormal Security protects enterprises from advanced targeted attacks including business email compromise.


Stop Employee Impersonation

Payroll and invoice fraud is a common objective for employee impersonation attacks.

The Email Security Platform for Cloud Office Environments

Abnormal Security’s cloud-native architecture integrates directly into cloud office APIs and requires no configuration. Its innovative AI provides enterprises with an inside-out understanding of its people, organizational processes and the extended supply chain to stop targeted email attacks and detect compromised accounts.

Why Abnormal

See what makes Abnormal Security's approach unique.

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Augmenting Your O365 Email Security


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Abnormal Identity Model

Abnormal’s Identity Model captures dozens of attributes related to each employee. Personal email usage is observed and linked to the primary identity of the employee. Personal email addresses that are not associated with the primary employees are flagged as suspicious.


Abnormal Relationship Graph

Profiling of prior communications shows no prior observed relationship between sender and recipient.


Abnormal Content Analysis

Natural Language Processing algorithms analyze the email content for Topic and Sentiment. Email body contains language attempting to change bank account information.