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Abnormal Security protects financial services organizations from modern targeted email attacks that yesterday’s secure email gateways don’t stop.

Email Security for Financial Services

Financial service organizations continue to undergo rapid digital transformation in order to offer more choices and convenience for their clients. Much of that modernization has come through greater communication, collaboration and the introduction of new applications. But this evolution and focus on speed of service is also an opportunity for attackers. Yesterday’s secure email gateways are no longer sufficient — a modern, next-generation of email security is needed.

Key Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Services

Financial services institutions are 300 times more likely than other companies to be targeted by a cyberattack.​
Financial services institutions see a disproportionately greater percentage of phishing attacks​
Attackers are increasingly compromising financial services organizations via trusted third parties​
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How Does Abnormal Security Help?​

Abnormal Security protects financial service institutions who face the entire spectrum of attacks from Hacktivists to Cybercriminals to Nation State actors.

Stops the full range of email attacks, with a unique focus on socially engineered, payload-less attacks such as BEC and attacks from third parties.​​
Detects email account compromise and protects against internal phishing attacks.​​
M-SOAR automates response actions to emails attacks and account compromises. Alternatively, pushes actions into your SIEM and SOAR investments.​​

Why Do Financial Services Institutions Choose Abnormal Security?

Abnormal Cloud Email Security Platform leverages a native API integration to Office 365 to stop targeted email attacks, protect against internal phishing and detect compromised email accounts.

Protect your most vulnerable attack vector and stop attacks that bypass your Secure Email Gateway​
Mitigate risks of account takeover by analyzing hundreds of signals to detect and remediate compromised email accounts​
Seamlessly integrate into your security environment (SIEM, SOAR and more) with an open-API integration​
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