A Better Approach to Cloud Email Security

Discover Abnormal's risk-aware AI-based security platform that lets you put email security on autopilot.

Quick to integrate and immediate detection of the risks in your environment, Abnormal's platform can protect your organization from the full spectrum of known and unknown email attacks.

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What Makes Abnormal Unique

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Highest-Precision Protection Against All Attacks

Secure email gateways and built-in security within Microsoft and Google struggle to block socially-engineered attacks that pass reputation checks, have no links or attachments, and appear to come from trusted sources.

Abnormal profiles known good behavior and analyzes over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from these baselines. Only Abnormal precisely blocks all socially-engineered and unwanted emails—both internal and external—and detects and remediates compromised accounts.

Modern Inbound

Block the Entire Spectrum of Inbound Email Attacks

Abnormal learns the behavior of every identity and assesses each email using tens of thousands of contextual signals, creating a risk-aware detection model specific to your organization.

This identity and context awareness enables Abnormal to stop all types of email attacks, from business email compromise to account takeovers to supply chain fraud and more.

Email threats

Secure Your Cloud Email

By design, cloud email platforms multiply the number of entry and exit points. Attackers can now exploit additional attack paths into cloud email.

Discover Abnormal’s risk-aware AI-based security platform that lets you put email security on auto pilot.


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