An Abnormal Approach to Cloud Email Security

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Stop costly and targeted email attacks that other solutions miss.
Detect and disable compromised internal accounts.
Automate your SOC workflows and save time.
Improve employee productivity and the end-user experience.
Reduce email security costs by replacing your secure email gateway.
Extend email protection to Slack, Teams, and Zoom.

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The realization of value was almost immediate—real-time visibility into attacks going on in the environment that are bypassing the traditional defenses. That context allowed ADT to start identifying threat trends while blocking them from employee inboxes.”
— Ryan Fritts, CISO, ADT

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BEC Detection
Stops BEC with behavioral models built on your organization’s relationship and communication patterns.
Behavioral AI
Baselines known-good behavior across every employee and every vendor to understand normal behavior.
VEC Detection
Monitors each vendor for risk indicators and automatically adapts protection to block attacks.

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