The number of cyber attacks – including email attacks – related to COVID-19 is spiking. Some researchers are reporting that COVID-19-related attacks represent the largest set of attacks on the same theme they’ve ever seen. And as more employees work from home, away from the secure systems that IT teams have implemented in offices, they are more vulnerable to these attacks.

Abnormal Security has published a three-part blog series and links to real-life examples of the attacks we’re seeing in the wild, along with information about what remote employees should watch out for in order to protect themselves:

  • Attack landscape: in part one we discuss the landscape of attacks that are entering mailboxes, the traits of the attacks, the goal of the attacker, and tips on email security for organizations with newly remote workforces.
  • Abnormal protection measures: in part two we discuss the measures taken by the Abnormal Security detection platform to detect and protect against this new type of attacks.
  • Reporting on COVID-19 attacks in the Abnormal portal: in part three, we discuss how customers can see and report on the attacks that Abnormal is detecting and preventing from hitting their employees’ inboxes with newly created filters.

Below we have deep dives of examples of actual attacks Abnormal Security has observed. These deep dives dissect the attack facets being employed to engender fear, urgency, and engagement with the recipient.