The Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity

AI and cybersecurity are colliding now more than ever. The positive power of AI is apparent with increased efficiency, cost savings, and more. Unfortunately, the same is true when those benefits get into the wrong hands. Join us for this limited series to unpack how attackers are using generative AI for bad, discover how to use good AI to defend your organization, and hear best practices from your security peers.
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Limited Web Series

Attend the series to unpack the good and the bad that comes with the growth of AI.
Facing Your Fears: A Live Demo on How Attackers Can Use Generative AI
See what generative AI means for your organization and how hackers weaponize it to launch attacks.
10.03.23 | 2:00pm ET
  • Kevin Poulsen - Former Black Hat Hacker
  • Ronnie Tokazowski - Threat Researcher
  • Mike Britton - CISO, Abnormal Security
Fighting AI with AI: A CISO Panel on Security Best Practices
Hear from CISOs on how they're securing their organizations against the threat of generative AI.
10.24.23 | 2:00pm ET
  • Stephen Ward - Managing Director, Insight Partners
  • Patrick Hellman - CISO, Arrow Electronics
  • Bradley Schaufenbuel - CISO, Paychex
  • Gary Brickhouse - CISO, GuidePoint Security
Securing the Future with AI: A Discussion Among Leading AI Experts
Learn what’s coming next in artificial intelligence and how you can use good AI to combat bad AI.
11.14.23 | 2:00pm ET
  • Zack Kass - Head of GTM, Open AI
  • Evan Reiser - CEO, Abnormal Security
  • CrowdStrike Leadership - Speaker TBA

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