Our Culture

The Abnormal Way

We’re on a mission to build the world’s most advanced technology for identifying and stopping targeted email attacks that were previously undetectable and help make the world a safer place.

Abnormal’s Team

Our Core Principles



Move fast and make decisions quickly so that we can outpace attackers and our competition.



We are constrained by people, not opportunities, and want to empower new leaders to take action with responsibility.


Intellectual Honesty

Be curious about the world and respectfully share your beliefs.


Customer Centricity

Always start with the customer and work backwards.



Challenge ourselves to achieve our ambition of being the best.

Our Work Culture

Be your best self

Support System

  • Outcome-driven: We take ownership and drive results, and believe strong teamwork is the best way to work.

  • Team Recognition: We delight in each other’s success by nominating teammates for VOICE awards presented weekly during company town hall.

  • Support System: We are always willing to help out our teammates to go above and beyond for one another.

Fun at Abnormal

  • Comic Central: We have a disproportionate number of standup comics in our company, so there is always plenty of laughter.

  • Dynamic Talents: Weekly demos end with talent demos – learn from pastry chefs, hoola hoop dancers, boxers, stock trading gurus, musicians, and Rubik’s cube solvers.

  • Team Bonding: We host weekly game nights and happy hours.

  • Trivia Everyday: One of our most popular Slack channels posts a random question of the day that employees answer.

Abnormal’s Team

Meet the Team


Employees and growing


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Born or grew up outside the US


Pet owners


Previously worked at unicorn companies

Your Favorite Part of Abnormal

“This is the best group of people I have worked with – the people at Abnormal are strong, humble, and are good human beings. It is not often that you get to work with folks that you respect professionally, who you can learn from no matter how junior or senior you are, while also building the fastest growing Cybsersecurity startup.”
Sanny, Head of Data Science
“At Abnormal Security, I have the rare opportunity and privilege to build up a company with a group of coworkers I truly enjoy working with, and an environment where everyone pushes and helps each other get 1% better every day and do their best work.”
Dmitry, Director of Detection Engineering

“Abnormal Security is a great team to learn and take responsibilities beyond your job description. There are always interesting, impactful, and challenging projects that you can take to grow as an IC. The company has amazing culture where you have a chance to voice out ideas and opinions to help lead teams, the company, and culture. Every day is a learning experience!”

Anna, Infrastructure Engineer

“Abnormal is one of the few startups where AI is the core product that addresses a meaningful problem in the world. We don’t use our technology to support recommendations or serve ads. We detect serious, critical cyber attacks and ensure that our customers can operate safely. As an engineer, it’s a unique opportunity to build meaningful machine learning solutions that affect the entire trajectory of the company. You can build, iterate, and deploy your ideas with an amazing group of talented people. This all happens in a matter of a few weeks rather than bi-annually like I’ve experienced at large companies.”

Lawrence, ML Engineer

Why Abnormal

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Abnormal Support System

Benefits & Perks

Health and Wellness

Taking care of our team goes beyond the office. We cover 100% of healthcare premiums and reimbursing employees $100 per month for physical or mental health.

Remote First

Make an amazing home office with a $750 stipend. We cover your internet and cell phone so you can focus on stopping cyber crime instead of on frozen screens and choppy calls. Learn more about our remote culture.

Competitive Compensation

We value our people and offer competitive compensation including equity grants and a 401k program.

Learning and Development

Solve complex problems while learning from senior team members. We love sharing knowledge through tech talks and brown bag lunches.

I believe that great companies are built by great people. To have an amazing team, you need to hire well, and then give them ownership and resources to learn.

Kevin Wang

VP of Engineering, Abnormal Security


Abnormal Security is a remote first company hiring any where in the US time zones. We also have offices in San Francisco, California. We have additional offices in New York City, New York and Salt Lake City, Utah.