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Engineering, Product & Design

We are building the foundation of the next generation of email security, leveraging AI and cloud infrastructure to stop the most advanced social engineering attacks.

Our Challenges

Complex Problems


We are creating products to serve entirely new markets such as Business Email Compromise, vendor fraud, and Cloud Office security. 

We are leading in the field of ML explainability, and integrate seamlessly with data providers and other security tools for a superior customer experience.

Machine Learning

Our detention models require extremely high precision and recall in order to identify every single attack but not overwhelm our customers with false positives. The attacks we detect are very rare, occurring in less than one in a million messages.

We face adversarial attackers that are rapidly evolving. We leverage cutting-edge machine learning models, as well as multi-dimensional datasets, to catch them.


Our products evaluate messages and sign-ins in real-time, operating at high throughput (>1M queries per second) and low latency (<0.1s). Our infrastructure must reliably support our Fortune 500 customers, even as we are rapidly scaling by over 3x each year.

Cloud-native infrastructure allows customers to integrate incredibly quickly, and it also gives us access to data unavailable to legacy on-prem vendors.

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Hear from the Team

“I feel empowered to turn ideas into reality at Abnormal. We have extremely engaging customers who are excited about what we do and the future we can create. We have talented but humble folks who are supportive, passionate and accountable. I’m constantly in awe of what we have and will achieve in this company."
Product Designer
"Unlike other companies, Abnormal walks the walk when they say they value velocity. Here, I have the right mentorship and ownership to really hit my stride with the code and features I ship, and I’m enabled to have an impact across the entire system and stack."
Software Engineer
"At Abnormal Security, I have found mentors who have invested time and energy in growing my career and skills. What resonates with me about the culture here is the growth mindset that the team has, especially as the business is maturing - there is ample room for experimentation and a continual strive to do better every day."
Software Engineer
"I have been trusted to lead projects that directly impact the customer. My team has trust in the work I do, while also providing as much help/advice when I ask for it."
Software Engineer
“I came to Abnormal for 2 reasons: the people and the product. I wanted to be surrounded by a team of brilliant but humble people who would help me grow, and I wanted to work on a product that actually made a measurable, positive impact on the world. Over a year later I can say that Abnormal was exactly the right choice."
Data Scientist
"Ownership and honesty were principles that resonated with me. Here I’m allowed to be ambitious, try my best, do my best and get much more experience in return than if I stayed at a large corp job."
Software Engineer


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Abnormal Security is a remote first company hiring any where in the US time zones. We also have offices in San Francisco, California. We have additional offices in New York City, New York and Salt Lake City, Utah.