Advanced Business Email Compromise Attacks 
Aren’t Detectable by Secure Email Gateways

“We identified socially engineered email attacks as our number one security risk. We selected Abnormal Security based on the innovative way it uses data science married with behavioral and predictive analytics to prevent attacks before they happen.”

Dr. Alissa Abdullah
Former CISO

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Abnormal Security by the numbers:

  • 125 advanced attacks stopped per 1000 mailboxes

  • Stopped $1.6 million on a single attack for one account

  • Over 1.5 million mailboxes protected

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50% of organizations have a chance of being hit with an advanced attack like vendor email compromise. 20% of advanced BEC attacks are engaged with by the organization before Abnormal Security is in place. The average vendor email compromise attack costs the business $183k.

Advanced Email
Attack Protection

  • Impersonations
  • Social Engineering 
  • Credential Phishing
  • Channel Hopping  (Teams, Slack) 
  • Invoice & Payroll Fraud
  • Malicious URLs and Malware

Vendors / Partners

  • External Account Compromise
  • Attackers Target the Weakest Link
  • Limited Control
  • Trusted Entity

Internal Account 

  • Credential Loss  
  • Bypass MFA
  • Maneuver Access Policies & Rules
  • Exploit Legacy App Vulnerabilities

Abnormal Security takes a behavioral analysis, data science approach 
to detect and remediate advanced attacks including: