What’s New: Week of Nov 16-20 2020 – VIP Notifications

  • VIP Notifications – We now provide the ability to send SOC team email notifications when an email attack campaign involves VIP recipients. Benefit from added visibility and control with proactive alerting for high-risk individuals.
  • General Detection Improvements – We’ve improved detection precision for targeted advanced email attacks:
    • Billing account update model improvements: Vendor fraud models now use a more sophisticated text understanding in an effort to catch more invoice fraud attacks
    • Spam detection improvements: Increase precision of our models to catch spam
    • Election interference themed protection: Deployed models to identify election interference emails that threatened voters
    • Text-based tech support scam detection: Using fast-text retraining models, we are now catching more tech support scams where the body contains no malicious links or attachments, and has a call-to-action of calling a scam phone number
    • Internal-to-internal monitoring: Abnormal now provides support to detect internal-to-internal attacks across multiple customer tenants and flags suspicious email communications that failed to be caught by the secure email gateway

Read all of Abnormal Security’s product updates here.

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