What’s New: Week of Dec 14-18 2020 - Improved Abuse Mailbox - Abnormal Security

What’s New: Week of Dec 14-18 2020 – Improved Abuse Mailbox

  • Improved Abuse Mailbox – We’ve updated Abuse Mailbox to include new reporting features and functionality. In the Dashboard, there is a new Abuse Mailbox tab where customers can see charts and graphs with configurable time periods for various metrics such as Phishing Emails Reported and Reporting Trends. These reports are also downloadable via PDF. 

New Dashboard Features:

  • Phishing Emails Reported: Total number of phishing emails reported by employees and processed by Abuse Mailbox over the selected time period.
  • Abuse Mailbox Remediation: Total number of emails remediated by Abnormal over the selected time period.
  • Total Reporters: Total number of employees who reported messages to Abuse Mailbox.

Additionally, on the main landing page, you can download a CSV of Abuse Mailbox messages for up to 30 days.

For Proofpoint TAP customers, we have integrated into TAP to show reports that have been ingested and processed by Abnormal, giving analysts another look at how Abnormal would handle such events.

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  • VendorBase Improvements – VendorBase improvements include increased vendor visibility and improved investigation experience to locate vendor impersonation attempts and potential vendor takeover incidents.

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