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What Abnormal Security’s Cool Vendor Recognition Says About the Email Security Market

Last week, we were proud to announce that Abnormal Security was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Office Security. This is an important recognition for the company as well as a clear signal that the email security market is evolving.

Enterprises’ inexorable march to cloud office platforms, led by Office 365 and G Suite, began several years ago, but the current environment has turned that march into a full-blown sprint. This is forcing enterprises to re-think their investments in email security to address what the FBI has reported as the costliest security issue today: the $26B problem of business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC). The reason, according to Gartner, is because the detection methods used in traditional secure email gateways (SEGs), as well as other cloud data protection solutions, are insufficient.

Stopping these modern threats requires a completely different approach. The biggest BEC and EAC threats impacting organizations today are socially engineered threats that are slipping by traditional SEGs. The attacks come from newly created domains or compromised accounts to bypass sender reputation systems and do not contain malicious payloads. Improving IP/domain reputation lists and malware analysis techniques will not address the root cause of the problem. Furthermore, once an employee account is compromised, traditional SEGs cannot mitigate the internal spread of an attack because they are blind to internal email communications.

With BEC and email fraud getting worse, it is clear to me that email security needs to be rethought so we can reclaim confidence and trust in email, our most critical business communication medium. Indeed, as Gartner noted in its report, “With the rise of business email compromise, buyers often look for a single product that can provide protection against all advanced cloud office threats.” It also highlighted the importance of a platform “that can work across multiple communications platforms.”

How Abnormal Security Delivers a Complete Email Security Platform

Abnormal Security delivers this next-generation approach through our complete email security platform. Although we are a young company, our solution has been implemented by numerous Fortune 500 customers. They are ecstatic about the millions of dollars of fraud that Abnormal Security has prevented in just the last 60 days. We could not be more excited to see the acknowledgement of our approach by Gartner, the world’s largest research and advisory firm.

Abnormal Security brings a modern and unique approach to addressing email security. Our email security platform uses an API to directly integrate into the Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite environments and takes a behavioral profiling, data science approach to stopping today’s most advanced attacks. Our solution complements the native security capabilities delivered by Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, driving more return on your investment into these platforms.

The Abnormal cloud email security platform delivers across 3 core functional areas:

Protection: Abnormal Security stops the full spectrum of email attacks that slip past Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and G Suite, with a unique focus on targeted, socially engineered BEC attacks. Supply chain fraud is one variation of BEC that has been a particularly challenging attack to stop.

Detection: Abnormal Security identifies EAC and Vendor Account Compromise (VAC) by analyzing email along with user event data. Internal phishing campaigns are incredibly problematic due to the lack of visibility by traditional email gateways. Abnormal Security mitigates these threats by detecting the compromised accounts and blocking the internal phishing attacks.

Response: The Abnormal Security platform automates response actions to drive security team efficiency.

  • Abuse Mailbox integration: the ability to triage end-user reported messages and bulk remove emails from all inboxes across the Office 365 environment.
  • EAC remediation: automatically trigger password resets and revoke login sessions for accounts that have been compromised.
  • SIEM/SOAR integration: Bi-directional API’s enable seamless integration to an enterprise’s existing security tools, whether performing remediation based on other detection systems or connecting to downstream systems.

The core technology powering our platform is Abnormal Behavior Technology (ABX). ABX analyzes the rich data from dozens of data sources to profile communications across three distinct perspectives: identity modeling, relationship graph and content analysis. Using an API that directly integrates with Office 365 and G Suite, ABX looks beyond email data and redefines the scope of behavioral analysis. ABX analyzes dozens of data sources specific to each organization to arrive at high-confidence decisions to block the entire spectrum of email attacks with a unique focus on sophisticated, targeted email attacks such as BEC.

As Gartner has astutely observed, a cloud office security platform needs to go beyond email to also protect collaboration environments. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we extended our protection to Microsoft Teams. This is especially important for today’s remote workforces. Seamlessly delivered through Abnormal Security’s API-based integration with Office 365, this new integration gives enterprises more visibility, extended protection, and faster response to attacks across different channels.

Customer Trust

Gartner’s recognition of Abnormal Security as a Gartner Cool Vendor is an extremely important milestone for us. It is very rewarding because it validates the incredible innovation from our team, but also the support from our enterprise customers. Partnering with these top security thought leaders has helped us design a new cloud-native architecture from the ground up that uniquely stops the most damaging attacks, while also being simple to operate.

As always, we appreciate our customers’ trust and partnership and we will continue to work hard to protect the integrity and security of their cloud office communications.

We truly view our customers as partners and are looking forward to adding our next group of incredible security professionals to join us on our Abnormal journey to transform email security!

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