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The Real Threat of Vendor Email Compromise – Webinar Preview

Join us next week for the webinar, The Rising Threat of Vendor Email Compromise in a Post-SolarWinds Era.

Why should you attend?

Vendor email compromise is on the rise. These advanced attacks have a knack for bypassing traditional cybersecurity technologies, such as secure email gateways (SEGs), due to their sophisticated and targeted nature. Moreover, the consequences of a successful attack are costly – the average attack cost is $183k. We’ve even seen one attack cost more than $1.5 million.

In the case of the prolific attack on SolarWinds and their partner ecosystem, we learned from the company itself that for at least nine months prior, an “email account was compromised and used to programmatically access accounts of targeted SolarWinds personnel in business and technical roles”.

During the webinar, our speaker, Roman Tobe will cover an overview of VEC, including:

  • The world of Vendor Email Compromise (VEC)
  • Outline the rapid rate of acceleration
  • The financial threat VEC attacks pose to businesses without proper controls in place.

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Interested in learning more about VEC? See below or click here to speak with one of our email security specialists.

What is vendor email compromise (VEC)?
VEC is an advanced, targeted, and socially engineered attack focused on an organization’s vendor ecosystem. The attacker often is lurking in an account for some time, planning their attacks for when the time is right. Once they see an opening, they take it. Often what happens is they end up creating a set of rules within a person’s mailbox that’ll hide messages and responses to a specific thread. In that thread, there is usually a request such as to wire money to a new account. Because the thread is hidden from the main inbox, the owner of that mailbox doesn’t see what is happening.

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