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Email Security More Critical Than Ever as Advanced Email Attacks Spike in May

Abnormal Security saw a significant increase in attacker activity in May.  Advanced email threats rose across virtually all industry sectors. The median rate of advanced email-based attacks arriving in inboxes increased by

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October Attack Trends: Foreign Email Attacks Increase

By Erin Ludert & Sanny Liao Email attacks can reach an organization from anywhere in the world, and while the majority of attacks come from email servers within the United States, throughout

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Business Email Compromise Attacks Increasingly Widespread in August

The fraction of companies receiving BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks each week increased steadily throughout August, from slightly less than 70% at the beginning of the month to over 99% by August

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Abnormal’s Q2 BEC Report Uncovers Ongoing, Accelerated Trends in Pandemic-related Email Security Attacks

Earlier this year, we released our first Quarterly Business Email Compromise (BEC) Report for Q1 2020. Since then, we’ve continued to monitor trends in how attackers use email to target enterprises and

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Abnormal Security Detects 90% Rise in COVID-19 Email Attacks, 150% Increase in COVID-19 Spam

Malicious threat actors are using COVID-19 as a means to exploit users in recent attacks including, but not limited to, credential phishing, malware, and payroll fraud. There has been a steadily increasing

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