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Graph of Models and Features

At the core of all Abnormal’s detection products sits a sophisticated web of prediction models. For any of these models to function we need deep and thoughtfully engineered features, careful modeling of

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Scaling in a High-Growth Environment

At Abnormal, the problems we are trying to solve are not that much different than those being tackled by other organizations, including non-startups. What is unique to startups are the additional constraints

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Stopping New Email Attacks with Data Augmentation and Rapidly-Training Models

Authors: Lei Xu and Jeshua Bratman On October 21st 2020, just two weeks before the US general election, many voters in Florida received threatening emails purportedly from the “Proud Boys”. See this Washington Post article on the

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Intelligent Signatures using Embeddings and K-Nearest-Neighbors

Authors: Vineet Edupuganti and Jeshua Bratman At Abnormal Security, one of our key objectives is to build a detection engine that can continuously adapt to a changing attack landscape. As such, we want to ensure

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Combining ML Models to Detect Email Attacks

This article is a follow-up to one I wrote a year ago — Lessons from building AI to Stop Cyberattacks — in which I discussed the overall problem of detecting social engineering attacks using

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