Why I Joined Abnormal Security as Chief People Officer

The annual Internet Crime Report from the FBI shows that phishing was the most common type of cybercrime last year—nearly doubling in frequency from 2019. Making matters worse, there were nearly 11 times as many phishing complaints in 2020 as compared to four years prior. 

This data showcases the problem—phishing is getting worse, and we need a way to stop it. Organizations worldwide are struggling with this issue, collectively losing billions to phishing and other email-based scams. Even the best security awareness training available hasn’t solved the problem. 

When I heard about Abnormal Security, I knew it was something novel… a company that was uniquely positioned to solve the email security problem using a new approach focused on behavioral data science. I realized that it was unique and innovative and that it actually worked to prevent phishing, business email compromise, and other hard-to-detect scams. And while email security is new to me—I’ve had a lot to learn about the space—recognizing the potential to build world-class teams is not. 

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So after five years as CPO Of Pluralsight, leading the charge as we scaled the company, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve started my new role as Chief People Officer here at Abnormal. For me, there were three important considerations in leaving a large, public-turned-private company and joining the startup life at Abnormal. 

#1 – An Abnormal Amount of Success

When Abnormal was founded in 2018, our founders knew that it would be successful, but the amount of success this company has seen in the past three years has been astonishing, even to them. This was proven last November, when Abnormal raised a $50 million Series B funding round, valuing the company at more than $500 million. We currently protect 100% of the employees at 5% of the Fortune 500, and that number continues to increase quarter over quarter. 

And it’s not just our customers who are impressed with what Abnormal can do. Earlier this year, the company was named as one of 10 finalists for the RSA Conference 2021 Innovation Sandbox Contest, which followed placement on Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021. As we continue to expand our enterprise solution to meet the needs of enterprises worldwide, it’s imperative that we recruit the world’s leading AI and ML experts. I’m thrilled to be spearheading this initiative, and I know that successful recruiting will lead to even greater success for Abnormal Security. 

#2 – An Abnormal Commitment to Culture

When you join a company, it’s about more than just the product—it’s about the team. I truly couldn’t ask for better colleagues. Our co-founders, CEO Evan Reiser and CTO Sanjay Jeykumar, truly embody our core principles of velocity, ownership, intellectual honesty, customer centricity, and excellence, and we ensure that each new hire does as well. Our continued focus on these values means that the culture only gets better as we expand our workforce. 

We also recognize that the world is in the midst of a significant workplace shift, and here at Abnormal, we’re dedicated to creating the most engaging, consistent, and rewarding career experiences for all of our team members—no matter where or how they work. Our highly flexible global culture enables our team to be as impactful and happy as possible, and I’m thrilled to be part of the leadership team that supports them. 

We truly believe that culture is at the heart of everything we do. Happy employees work hard to ensure that we have happy customers, and our teammates are doing everything they can to make the impossible possible when it comes to email security. My role is to enable them to do so, and that commitment to our culture is like none I’ve ever experienced. 

#3 – An Abnormal Opportunity to Scale

I spent the last five years scaling Pluralsight from a team of 380 to a team of over 2,000 globally and I loved it. Ultimately, I was ready for a similar challenge with a new mission and I wanted to be sure that the next company I joined had the same desire for scale. Abnormal meets that criteria tenfold. 

With worldwide expansion on the horizon and a push to triple the number of employees by the end of this year, there are plenty of opportunities here to make a difference. I’ll be leading employee experience, recruiting, rewards, retention, and career development, all of which are extremely exciting to me as we work to become 1% better each and every day. As the company expands our customer base, we’ll continue to recruit and hire talent around the world—and I’m thrilled to see that come to life as we grow. 

As an experienced Chief People Officer, I’m dedicated to making companies the best place for employees so they can make the best products for customers. For me, the chance to do so as part of the team at Abnormal was an irresistible opportunity. Let’s get started. 

Check out the open roles at Abnormal Security and apply today to join the team. 

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