Launching Multi-Tenant Support for Abnormal Abuse Mailbox

November 19, 2020

Abnormal Abuse Mailbox from Abnormal Security is a product that is designed to collect, collate, and automate the handling of phishing, spam, and other user-reported messages. With Abnormal Abuse Mailbox, SOC teams report saving multiple hours each day, as they no longer need to manually triage all those “Abuse” messages reported by end users. Most customers have single-tenant operations with a single “Abuse” Mailbox for all employees. However, for those customers that have a more complex multi-tenant deployment, Abnormal now supports multi-tenant Abuse Mailbox setups.

Abuse mailbox multi tenant

Customers who have multiple tenants while leveraging a unified phishing mailbox can now set up Abnormal Abuse Mailbox without altering their workflow. Abnormal automatically extracts abuse reports, regardless of their tenant origination, and performs search operations to identify other messages sitting in Inboxes that belong to the same campaign. Furthermore, Abnormal Abuse Mailbox will automatically remediate these campaigns across all tenants. As a result, customers can benefit from increased visibility and coverage when looking at abuse reports cross-tenant with minimal operational intrusion.

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