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Abnormal Security’s Mission: Protect the internet

Check out the product team’s Eric Greenstein’s medium blog on our mission at Abnormal Security. Read the full post below.

Our mission at Abnormal Security is to protect the internet. We will protect knowledge workers across the cloud, wherever they work.

We are starting by eradicating advanced social engineering attacks through email. These attacks bypass traditional email security solutions and are a major problem for customers. Business email compromise (BEC) is the #1 cybercrime, accounting for almost half of all cybercrime losses. Losses from BEC have totaled over $26B in the past 3 years.

Attackers are able to gain access to money, sensitive data, and systems. Customers are harmed through sensitive data loss, such as stolen usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, and text messages. Corporations can lose business information related to their competitive advantage. Hackers can wreak havoc by compromising systems, for example shutting down hospital or water treatment equipment.

We see an emerging world of cloud office products that extend beyond email. These platforms are similar to email in that they contain sensitive data and are used for communication, collaboration, and business. In the future, we will protect those platforms as well.

We want to create a product that is fast, modern, and smart. Customers can integrate in minutes thanks to our API-based integrations and Cloud-native architecture. This is in stark contrast to legacy vendors that require standing up on-prem infrastructure in the mail flow. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to understand people, organizations, and supply chains and detect attacks using behavioral anomaly detection. Legacy solutions typically look for known-bad attacks or have rules-based approaches that are unable to catch novel attacks and are cumbersome to set up.

Our products are easy to use and require minimal configuration and supervision from customers. They are the next generation of email security, built with APIs, cloud infrastructure, and AI. These techniques help us more accurately detect attacks.

If this mission of preventing cyberattacks excites you, check out our careers page.

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