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Abnormal + Microsoft: Securing Email Together

Email security has always been about defense in depth and multiple solutions working well together. Traditionally, some customers have purchased Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) in addition to Microsoft Office 365 for added protection and features. More recently, businesses are purchasing Cloud Email Security Supplements like Abnormal Security to stop advanced social engineering attacks.

When using multiple tools, it is important to think about how they fit together. Customers with SEGs are not getting the most leverage out of their existing investment in Microsoft. SEGs place themselves in the mail flow, causing sender IP information to be lost. This affects the functionality of related security features, and customers therefore turn them off. 

Abnormal Security is the best solution for customers looking to maximize their investment in Microsoft. By integrating via API, customers do not have to turn off Microsoft’s native security features. We also integrate deeply with Microsoft, providing the experience for our customers.

For example, we currently have a feature in beta called Search and Respond, which enables customers to search across their environment and remove messages from inboxes. This feature leverages Microsoft Compliance Manager so users can easily perform these tasks without writing Powershell scripts. Customers win with this deep integration and superior ease of use.

Stay tuned for more regarding deep integrations between Abnormal Security and Microsoft!

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