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Abnormal + Microsoft Bring Together Complete Email Security

When Abnormal Security was founded, our engineering and data science teams were focused on solving the toughest – and most expensive – email security problem for enterprises: business email compromise (BEC).

Fast-forward to today. Abnormal Security serves some of the largest enterprises in the world, leveraging AI technology to identify and prevent BEC resulting from targeted, socially-engineered email attacks.

One thing that we’ve learned in the 10 months since we formally launched the company: customers absolutely love us – once they are able to engage with us. We’ve had tremendous traction in large enterprise organizations and unanimously, our customers are blown away with the capabilities of the platform.

The Abnormal + Microsoft Alliance

Today, I’m proud to announce that Abnormal Security has partnered with Microsoft in a strategic alliance that spans both technology and go-to-market. There are a number of customer benefits that I’m really excited about that wouldn’t be possible without our strategic alliance with Microsoft:

  • Easy access: Microsoft sellers will begin selling Abnormal’s solutions
  • Faster procurement: Customers can purchase Abnormal’s solutions directly from Microsoft
  • Microsoft ecosystem synergy: Every purchase of Abnormal through Microsoft rewards customers with Azure Consumption Credits
  • Improved data security and privacy enabled by the Azure Platform

The Decision to Partner with Microsoft

The decision to partner with Microsoft did not happen overnight. Selecting a technology platform is a critical and strategic decision for a modern cloud application solution such as Abnormal, setting the foundation for the future of the company. There were two key aspects to our decision: one technical and one business.

First, the technical decision. The vast majority of F1000 enterprises are using Office 365 for their cloud email. It was critically important for us to be where our customers are: in Microsoft. It made sense for us to go all-in on the Azure platform, taking advantage of the inherent security and privacy in Azure, as well as some of the new AI tools. We’re excited because Microsoft is committed to being the world’s best place to build AI solutions, so it was a natural fit for the solutions we’ve built and will continue to develop. As a native Azure application, Microsoft customers can deploy and evaluate Abnormal’s platform seamlessly.

Secondly, and possibly more importantly for our customers, was the business decision. One of the biggest factors in our decision to partner with Microsoft is a collaborative go-to-market opportunity. We’ve worked closely with Microsoft to align our solution to complement and enhance Microsoft’s native security capabilities. Microsoft sellers have embraced Abnormal and I could not be more excited about our Co-Sell partnership. Microsoft customers can engage their Microsoft sellers directly to learn more about and acquire Abnormal’s solutions. Microsoft’s support will ensure that more enterprises become aware of the incredible solution that has delighted our current customers.

What This Means to Our Customers and Prospects

We here at Abnormal have put an enormous amount of work into making this partnership a reality. We are entering this partnership committed and energized about what this means for our current and future customers.  Our partnership ensures the Abnormal platform will continue to complement and enhance Microsoft’s native security capabilities.

Learn More

Today just marks the beginning of this partnership. Next week, Abnormal will present in three separate sessions alongside Microsoft at Ignite 2020. Hear from me, representatives from Microsoft and our joint customers as we embark on this amazing journey.

Why the Most Promising Startups are Choosing Azure: Sept 22nd @ 7:30pm PT

Bringing Next-Generation AI Innovation to the Enterprise: available on-demand (Session OD300)

Bringing Next-Generation AI Innovation to the Enterprise: Ask-The-Expert Live Q&A – Sept 23 @ 1:00pm PT

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